Clitheroe Town Crest

The original crest looked like it was a photocopy coloured in with vivid felt-tip pen work.

In comparison to other councils’ branding, Clitheroe’s wasn’t looking as professional and lacked a title and website address.

Move the bar to see the before and after.

ProductResearch, illustration and artwork.

I worked with Chris Jowett at Clitheroe Library and John Lambert, the local historian. They both uncovered more details going back to the original commissioning of the crest and further back.

We searched through the wonderful archive of the Clitheroe Advertiser & Times available on the Clitheroe Civic Society website.


Have you noticed the turreted castle? That’s definitely not Clitheroe castle. It’s also carved into the stonework outside the Library.

I believe it was a generic castle that was used on many crests, for instance Edinburgh and Norwich.

You can view and download these Clitheroe Town Council logos in png format. If you need them in different formats or in higher resolution versions then please contact me.